– March 12th 2011,
Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium

Motorsport madness that’s what it is!

WHAT IS IT: AutoMoto an autocross, dexterity and scrutineering, all in one place, for one day, the entire day. No this is not a dream. This Saturday March 12th the Barbados Rally Club (BRC) in association with Drift Dream Inc. (dD) present AutoMoto the event branded ” a new spin to an old concept” from 9am to 5pm within the parking lot of the gymnasium complex.

It is more than just a day of motorsport, it’s a family day. Chefette Restaurant Ltd. the official restaurant of the BRC and BARL has come on board for AutoMoto 2011 and is pleased to be a part of this event and provide face painting for the children and giveaways to the public. In addition there will be video games for the teens, dexterity competitions for the adventurous and thrill rides for the adrenaloholics and yet there is more…good food, great music, entertainment and excitement will be at this auto show.

The atmosphere will be that of an auto fair with many stalls and tents around the parking lots of the gymnasium. AutoMoto will be held within a fenced and barricaded gymnasium car park and secured by the Royal Barbados Police Force as well as private security, Amalgamated Security.

Many businesses that provide motor services, car parts, customization parts and more will be at AutoMoto with plenty information and give aways. You will be able to ask what and how you can get your vehicle to look and perform the way you have been dreaming it should.

FOR EVERYONE: This event is not just for the car fanatics it is for the entire family, as all dads, moms, teens and kids will have something to do and enjoy at the event. The children will love the excitement too, so AutoMoto will have face painting artistes provided by Chefette Restaurants Ltd. and video games provided by 2Rules Inc. so all can feel the thrills.

DEXTERITY: If you have always wanted to show your skills then AutoMoto is for you. You can be a part of the action, you can be the action. Register for the dexterity competition. This activity is about car control and we know that power is nothing without control. Competitors must negotiate a number of obstacles in a timed challenge. We have planned 5 – 6 courses and three – four elimination rounds. Drivers will be timed for each circuit and the best times go forward to a timed clash for a cash prize of $1000. This dexterity is open for members of the public so you don’t have to be an expert rally driver. Actually rally drivers will only be able to do exhibition runs and will not be competing for the $1000 cash. Feel the real experience of going sideways and enter the dexterity. There are only forty spaces for entry into the dexterity competition so don’t hesitate if not you may be too late. The dexterity registration fee is $100 and you should complete the form at Motor Sport Services in the same building as sponsors Slam 101.1FM. (Time: 11:30am – 4:30pm)

SCRUTINEERING: There will be Scrutineering! Come to AutoMoto March 12th and view the new rally cars that will be competing in this year’s rally season even more meet the drivers. Chefette restaurants the official restaurant of AutoMoto will have members of the speed team at the event. Sean Gill, Barry & Roger Mayers, Ian Warren and now Paul “The Surfer” Bourne will all be present and signing autographs at the event. Come out and get your official 2011 Chefette motorsport calendar! (Time: 9am until…)

THRILL RIDE: If you don’t have a car or just don’t want to put your amazing skills on display just yet then no worries. You too can feel the thrill of going sideways with a real rally driver in a real rally car with all the romm roooom room. AutoMoto brings you the Thrill ride. This is an adrenaline rush experience so if you cant handle it stay behind the caution tape. Patrons can take a high adrenaline Thrill ride with seasoned drivers doing donuts in their rally cars. Don’t doubt yourself, of course you want to drive with the likes of Karl Waterman or Stuart Mcchlery! (Time: All Day)

AUTOCROSS: Autocross is all about car control come and view. Imagine you can take your daily driver (car) and get a piece of some legal motorsport action with Autocross. This is truly a way to learn more about car control and a great first step into motorsport in Barbados. Autocross will challenge even the most skilled of drivers and what you think is easy from the outside, is a totally different story when you are peering over the steering wheel. Come early and get a flavour of the Autocross, ask the drivers questions and see how you can be a part of motorsport. (Time: 9am – 11am)

AutoMoto is a full family day, South Central entertainment will be there so don’t miss DJ Bubbles and Salt spinning tracks all day. AutoMoto will be like an all day, outdoor party but even better with cars!!

March 12th will be a day of doughnuts. Yes! both the pastry type and the fun type as there will be a doughnut vendor onsite.

PRESOLD TICKETS: Tickets will be available at Electric Avenue in Lanterns Mall and Coconut Walk Hastings, Novel Teas and Moods & Options. Listen to SLAM 101.1FM and call/text with the right answer for giveaways.

ADMISSION: The entry fee is $20 before 2pm and because we do believe the whole family must be there, buy 5 and get the 6th free. After 2pm it will be $25. Admission for children under 13 is $10 all day.

For more information search “AutoMoto” on facebook and see promotions and other even info. Check out our video(s) on YouTube. Stay tuned to slam 101.1FM, Gorylla marketing and Facebook for more. For more information go to our FaceBook page by searching for “AutoMoto”. Alternately you can visit www.motorsportdream.com