Special Thanks to Colin Browne, BP Films – Craig “Grainas” Williams and Kirk “Pumphouse” Spencer for capturing and providing HD video footages of the #1 action packed motorsports event of the decade, Import Face Off. Photography prints from the Import Face Off event are available in sizes 4″x6″, 8″x10″ and 11″x17″ email: info@rpmcaribbean.com — J Blood Rock Entertainment and RPM Caribbean would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting this thrilling Motorsports event – Import Face Off – Match me and Bang me.

Import Face Off Matched Prize Results

Winston Corolla vs Danny Starlet = Winston in Iceman

Automotive Art Starlet vs Jerome Binni Marsh = Binny Marsh

Paddy Evo vs Scrobo Starlet = Paddy Evo

John Pierre vs Fingaz Integra = JP Starlet

Broyce Marsh Starion vs Jerome The One = The One

Anthony Spanky Rx7 vs Trevor Kendal Chevrolet Comaro DNF

Andrew Hadeed vs Cliff Integra = Andrew Hadeed

In the Match up following NO SHOW
S Benta Civic
Coolidge Starlet
Omard Nissan V8
Fish Mustang

No Evo Shoot Due to No shows of Most
Preacher boy had mechanical problems

Clement vs Paddy = Clement won in the two car match up