Our local newspaper the Daily Observer:

Over 60 cars registered for the drag race event dubbed Face Off that had a line-up which included Match and Grudge racing. The event which took place this past weekend at John I IV & V Race Track, drew a record number of racing participants.
According to Race Chief Paul Ryan, ”It was the largest turnout to a local-only drag racing event in Antigua; there were thousands of spectators.”
Winners in the Match racing category included Winston “Iceman” Gray, who spanked The Lightning Toyota Startlet, and Jerome Marsh, who whipped both Automotive Art Toyota Starlets.
Moto Max Rotary won over Big Time Honda Civic, Paddy’s Evo beat Scrobo’s Toyota Starlet, and Jean-Pierre won over Fingaz Integra.
The race between Anthony Spender’s Rx7 and Kendall’s Camaro did not finish due to Kendall’s Chevy running off the track.
In the Outlaw Class, the Hadeed’s Nissan GTR nipped Cliff’s Honda Integra in the closest finish of the day. Cliff ran this race with a blown headgasket.
Broyce Marsh’s Chevrolet-powered V8 Starion and the Rotary-powered Toyota Corolla The One clashed in the feature race of the day.
The One blew away the Starion but unfortunately crashed at the end of the line. The driver, however, was unhurt.
There were over 40 Grudge races dominated mainly by Hondas. Also with the 21 motorcycles registered, there were approximately 12 Cycle races.
Needless to say, race fans were more than pleased to see such an event which was put on by JBlood Rock and managed by the Antigua & Barbuda AutoSport Inc.

tiyo wrx sti vs clem evo x

Victory before death!

The last launch!

The Angel of white! Low Budget Racing Antigua. Driver: Tarik Richardson

At 1:18pm July 4th 2010. The one and only ready for its last fastest race ever in Antigua!!!

Vivo in the clouds.


The Victory!!!

Joyto the magnificent! God still protects!

Antigua's Fastest Machine!

The people were in awe!

It was an amazing motorsports event! Video and Photos will be added today.

Testimony from Antiguastreetz.com
Sunday was insane and sick! Event was next to perfect and there was no clock….loved the organisation and flow of races. Happy to have been apart of what went down….definitely a day in history and can be named one of the biggest revivals to hit in recent times to the autoscene. Just what we needed!